Wedding Day Music

Confused about how the ceremony proceeds?   See our: Traditional Ceremony Music Service here
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Wedding Processional Music
This music is appropriate for the Bridal Party and/or the Bride when walking down the aisle.  Except for the Wagner, these are also appropriate to be played during the Prelude, when guests are being seated, 1/2 hour before the actual ceremony.  For the most part, Flutist Geri Rizzo performs with her Magic Flute Wedding musicians below.  Some of the examples are performed by other musicians, but rest assured we are able to play them as well as they are in every good wedding musician’s repertoire.
1.   “Pachelbel Canon in D”  popular!  performed by:    The Allegro Flute and Guitar Duo
              “Pachelbel Canon perfomed by”: – The Celestial Flute and Harp Duo
2.   “Wedding Processional from Lohengrin” (Wagner) – The Celestial Flute and Harp Duo
3.   “Winter, from the The Four Seasons” – Vivaldi
4.   “Jesu, Joy of Man’s Desiring” –  The Allegro Flute and Guitar Duo
5.   “Sleeper’s Awake”, JS Bach
6.   “Air on a G String”, JS Bach –  The Allegro Flute and Guitar Duo
7.   “The Swan” –  Camille Saint-Saëns –  The Celestial Flute and Harp Duo / live
8.   “Gymnopedie” – Satie – The Allegro Flute and Guitar Duo
9.   Arrival of the Queen of Sheba from “Solomon”
10.  Main Theme from Rudy – from “Rudy”  Movie Soundtrack
11.  “Sunrise, Sunset” – (perfect for Mom’s seating) – played instrumentally and/or sung
12.  “Marry Me” by Train – The Allegro Flute and Guitar Duo
13.   “And I Love Her”  – The Beatles – The Allegro Flute and Guitar Duo
*Unless indicated, the music above is not necessarily performed by our players, but we are able to do so.
Christmas Variations
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Fur Elise
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Nutcracker Suite
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Wedding Recessional Music:
Played at the end of the wedding after the final kiss or introduction as “Mr. and Mrs.”
1.Mendelssohn’s Traditional Wedding Recessional from a Midsummer’s Night Drea
2 Hornpipe in D or “Alla Danza” (From the Water Music)
3.Trumpet Voluntary (The Prince of Denmark’s March) The Angelus Flute and Classical Guitar Duo
4.Vivaldi’s Four Seasons “Spring”  The Celestial Flute and Harp Duo
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Interlude/Sand Ceremony/Unity Candle Songs
These can be played during a candle lighting or sand ceremony as well as during the prelude
Please note:  A candle lighting is rather short, so music will be abbreviated
 1.  Ave Maria (Schubert) (The Angelus Duo) (popular) – in Eflat
     Below, Flute Solo, played for singers to determine their key, of which these two are the most popular:
     a.  Ave Maria  in G Major – Schubert
     b.  Ave Maria in B Flat – Schubert
 2.  You’re My Angel (written & performed by flutist Geri Rizzo)
 3.  Con Te Partiro (Time to Say goodbye – Boccelli )
 4.  Irish Wedding Song
 5.  There is Love
 6.  Panis Angelicus
 7.  One Hand, One Heart (From West Side Story)  –  (Toni Evans, piano/Jane Kearns, vocals/Geri Rizzo, flute)
 8.  Just You and I (Eddie Rabbit and Crystal Gayle)
 9.  Claire De Lune
10.  The Last Rose of Summer (Irish Tune)
11.  The Prayer – from Pocahontas
12.  A Time for Us (from Romeo and Juliet… Soundtrack/Mancini)
13.  BEATLES TUNES “And I Love Her”   “If I Fell”, “When I’m 64”, “In My Life”,                             
14.  I Will Be Here (Stephen Curtis Chapman)
15.  Evergreen
16.  You and Me (by Lifehouse)
17.  “If” – (by Bread)
18.  Josh Groban’s “You Raise Me Up” video with Geri Rizzo, flute/Barb Gallagher, harp
19.  Longer Than – (Dan Fogelberg)
20.  Over the Rainbow (solo flute by Geri Rizzo)
21.  “Siciliano” for Flute and Piano by JS Bach, Geri Rizzo, flute
22.  “Somewhere Out There” – Flute and Acoustic Guitar